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he’s just been waiting a long time ok

"Are you okay"/"I just have true love in my eyes" is still the best exchange I’ve ever seen in the history of dialogue.

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Also called “dragging”

This is probably the best use of social media I’ve ever seen.

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There was a split second there where his like, “wait, what? bro what are you doing?” 

On more serious note, PTSD dogs for veterans are so fucking therapeutic. They’re like the one person you can spill your guts to and never worry about ever being judged or have that secret divulged. There are times when I definitely prefer the company of a dog over a human. 

Therapy animals save lives.

These dogs are even still so much more amazing. They check rooms before their handler enters, so they can clear it to help the person feel safe. Like in the gif, they are there when panic attacks or nightmares occur, to be something for the person to help ground themselves on, or yes just to turn on the lights. Even more amazing, many people are able to reduce their medication when they have a PTSD service dog there to help them. These dogs are useful for not just veterans, but also victims of abuse, accident trauma, natural disasters, and others. Their training allows them to be useful in situations where medical assistance is needed, as well. Some PTSD dogs are trained to recognize repetitive behaviours in handlers, and signal the handler to break the repetition and stopping the behaviour and possibly injury. 

Service dogs in general are just awesome. Remember to respect any that you see out in public. They are not there for you to walk up to and play with, even the puppies!

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My Questions 
1. What is your earliest memory?
I’m not entirely sure.  I do know that I remember the layout of the apartment that we lived in for the first four years of my life.  I also remember getting out of my bed during naptime, taking all the toys out of my toybox, and sleeping in that instead.

2. What languages do you know and which ones would you like to learn?
I speak some Spanish, some German, and some sign language.  I’m nowhere near proficient in any of them.  I’d like to learn more of them.

3. You are given round-trip tickets to any three points in history. Where would you go, why, and how long would you stay there?
I’d definitely go to San Francisco during the late 60s/early 70s because of, like, all the fun gay shit, but with the knowledge of HIV and AIDs and all that.  I’d go in 1967 and leave in 1975.

I’d straight up hit some dinosaur-livin’ times, just so I could see, y’know?  Because OF COURSE.

I’d travel to the future, to whenever the fire nation attacks.  Not to warn people.  Just to watch.

4. What was the first non-children’s show you watched regularly?
Not counting family sitcoms, I tuned into ER on a nearly regular basis, but the first show I really started to watch regularly was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  It was all downhill after that, TV-wise.

5. What was the first album you bought yourself?
Shit, I cannot remember that.  I think it was DC Talk’s Jars of Clay, or Alanis Morisette’s Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie.

6. If you could change any part of your legal name hassle free, would you and what would you change it to?
Oh man.  I used to think about this a lot because I used to hate my name.  There was something about the name “Joshua” that I thought sounded like a little kid’s name.  Now, I think my name is pretty awesome—it has great alliteration—but I honestly don’t know what I think I would change it to.

7. How long do you think you would last on the Oregon Trail?
I think I’d do pretty well, actually.

8. If you had a theme song that would play whenever you walked into a room (you’d have the option to mute it whenever you wanted) what would that song be?
There are so many to choose from!  I think it would depend entirely on my mood.  I think when I felt like being a badass, it would be the Buffy theme.  If I just felt like bebopping along, it would be the theme to Fraggle Rock.

9. Who is your least favorite character that you’ve ever come across?

10. Would you rather live on a houseboat or in a tree house?
Houseboat, definitely.

11. How are you today?
Anxious.  Comps in two days.

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4.  What are your top five OTPs of all time?
5.  If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?
6.  What did you want to be when you were a little kid?
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8.  What is your favorite breakfast food?
9.  What’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten?
10.  What’s one food you can never get enough of?


People criticizing TFIOS because Gus sounds pretentious???

that was the point???

like literally at his fake funeral his best friend talks about how fucking pretentious he is and how annoying it was???

It was one of his character flaws? He was deliberately written that way?

You’re not being clever or critical by pointing it out, you are literally stating a fact about the novel that the author deliberately wrote

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Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.
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"Now to demonstrate your devotion to the Spice Girls, I understand that you have a gift, and I wanted to challenge you on this gift tonight… you are able to do what?" "Their autographs." [x]

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