First and Foremost, Human

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The start of the school year in Ferguson was pushed back another week, to Aug. 25th. In the meantime, children are able to spend the day at the library or local churches. 

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I’m finally about 99% settled into my new place.  I still need a small table for the kitchen, a desk chair, and a few more frames.  It’s small, one room with a separate bathroom and kitchen, but it’s mine.

And the rest of us are not treated like human beings. Period.(x)

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Columbia has hot dog carts. Santa Ana has taco trucks. I’m I’m heaven.

1.  New So You Think You Can Dance in 2 minutes!  Although I have to admit, I don’t know why I’m bothering when clearly Ricky is going to win.

2.  I just accidentally typed Rudy first, which tells you how upset I am about last week’s results.

3.  …America.

4.  Cat Deeley in a sparkly dress with flat ironed hair is everything I live for.

5.  I can tell which dancer is Valerie, simply by virtue of the fact that she’s about a quarter of a beat behind everyone else.

6.  God, Cat’s dress is TO DIE.

7.  Hearing Cat say “jidges” is like coming home.

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why does one ply toilet paper exist

i honestly prefer single ply, it feels lighter and more effective and the rolls last longer because the sheets are thinner.

ok poophands

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Really wish I could snug the fug outta this nug right now.

Look who showed up on Tinder? I swiped right just in case.

Look who showed up on Tinder? I swiped right just in case.